Glover’s Solutions, Inc started as a sole proprietor in 1974 with the United States Postal Service.  
Our goal is not to become the biggest transportation company in the world, our goal is to become the company that you think of when you want to get your product from point A to B without worry. Knowing in your heart that you have done your best to produce a valuable product and your job is done, now it is time for us to do our part and you hand you work to us with complete confidence, with the knowledge that we will deliver it in the same condition we received it. 

Currently our efforts are concentrated on service contracts with the USPS. Contrary to the idea that most mail is “junk” we carry the gift that Grandma poured her heart into making for your child, the smile that a little boy or girl is trying to send to their parent stationed in another part of the world defending our freedom, and last but not least the payments that keeps your world moving forward day to day. This is a huge obligation, making sure that everything the USPS gives us is transported safely to its destination and arrives on time in the same condition we received it. 

Our company's President started working for other contractors in 1974 and has worked continually in the transportation business every since. Our President is the current President of the Arizona chapter of the National Star Route Mail Contractors Association and involved in every aspect of the operations. 

Our Vice-President and CFO is also involved in every aspect of the company, has a MBA and over 15 years experience working in the business and financial world.

Glover’s Solutions, Inc works hard to maintain not just an image but our reputation of being a fair, honest employer and business partner.